Please hang in there while I learn to use WordPress.  I’ve already found out a simple copy and paste from Word to WordPress is not always a smooth transition.  I’m still going to use Word as my initial starting point, but I’ll have to remember how to transfer my writing to WordPress so that it shows up properly.  Learning curve.  😉

I will also be moving some of my posts from Facebook over to WordPress. If you are reading both please excuse the redundancy.  There are just some things I feel are important and want to be available in both places.  Hopefully I will figure out how to combine the two without much effort.

If there’s something that isn’t working quite right or something you think would make this blog better please let me know.  I want this to be a pleasant experience for my readers as well as keeping it simple enough for me to use regularly.

If I have shared something with you before and you would like me to share the story again please let me know.  My request line is always open, but it may take me some time to revisit the topic.

My writing comes and goes with my moods.  Feel free to give me a gentle nudge if I seem to be slacking off from posting.

I may edit some pages from time to time.  As I evolve so do my thoughts and writings.  I am always a work in progress.