Today my friend Harv posted something on Facebook that really touched me.  It was the trigger that pushed me to get my WordPress blog moving along.

I may have missed the actual day by two days, but I honor her today.


A True American Hero

Ruby Bridges, A True American Hero

What a brave and beautiful little girl. Breaks my heart she was subjected to that kind of small minded hatefulness, but thankful she had the fortitude to carry on and help pave the road to the future. Truly an American hero.

Her mother should also be commemorated as a hero. It had to be incredibly difficult to watch her child go through this but at the same time stand for what was right. They both must have felt a fear many of us will never be able to comprehend. The repercussions the entire family had to endure are unfathomable, but the end result is inspiring.

Hats off to the teacher who stood by her as well. Barbara Henry’s actions also exhibited incredible bravery to stand up for what was right in the face of prejudice.

Lots of strong women in this story. In 1960 women had far less opportunity and power than we have today. Not to say that the status of women in our society today is even close to where it should be, but it was much harder then. I remember there being two major choices of careers for women – teaching and nursing. Henry’s actions could have easily adversely affected her teaching career. Not only did she stand by Bridges, but did so as a young teacher in a city where she was a newcomer without the support of friends and family. Very inspirational.