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There haven’t been too many things in my life that I just had to have or felt somewhat incomplete or empty without.  Sure some things nag at me from time to time.  I think we all have those things that we want to do, see or experience some time in our lives or possibly do again.  At some point I’d like to visit Europe, especially Italy.  Rome is of special interest to me for some reason.  I’d also like to revisit the Grand Canyon and take my camera.  The most nagging thing in my life has been to write.  I love to write; I just have a fear that I don’t have anything of interest to write.  I haven’t known where to start.

Today I take a leap of faith.  I hope I can stick with it and be diligent in my quest to add meaningful words to paper.  Part of my motivation is to leave something behind for my son to remember me by.  I have often wished I could talk to my grandparents again.  Many people have kept journals or diaries throughout their lives.  Unfortunately my grandparents were not one of them.  I have my memories and remnants of the stories they told.  Genealogy has long been one of my interests and having a record of their lives as seen through their eyes would have been an extraordinary gift.

With the introduction of the Internet I have had the opportunity to hide behind my keyboard and share various thoughts throughout the years.  It started with our move to the small town of Wylie, TX many years ago.  While searching the Internet for information on the town I came across a community message board.  It was full of information about what was going on around town and around the world.  I read for a year or so without signing up.  Then one day there was a topic to which I just couldn’t keep myself from responding.  That was the beginning of me sharing my thoughts with others in writing.

Surprising to me was the response I received.  It seemed there were just as many people who shared my thoughts on various subjects as there were those whose opinions differed.  There were topics where I got hammered for my stance and topics where people rallied around what I was saying.   I began to come out of my shell a bit.  You see, I think I can best be described as an extroverted introvert.  I am very shy, but have adapted to society by pretending to be secure and in control.  I have put on the persona of being all held together for so long that a part of me is now actually truly very secure and in charge of my own destiny.  That’s where this blog comes in.

I have received some awesome comments on some of the things I have shared on various social media. A few friends have encouraged me for several years to write.  My justification for not writing has always been that I do not know what to write about.  That ends today.  Today I will write.  Today I will share life through my eyes.  Today I not worry if people do not agree with what I write.  Today I will be brave and put my thoughts to paper.

I plan to write and share whatever interests me and whatever experiences I have had, want to have or am currently living though.  There may be things shared here that you may or may not know about me.  I can’t apologize for being me.  I can only apologize for not always being confident enough to be me all the time – but we all go though that in some way don’t we?   If you know me be prepared to possibly see something here that we are experiencing together.  I will try to be conscientious enough not share full names of those who may be included in my writings unless they are fully aware beforehand.  Since we all have different viewpoints and ways of experiencing things differently I must call out the fact that my writings are based on the way I see things.   We all know there are three sides of a story… yours, mine and the truth.  It all depends on our own internal filters and we all see and remember things differently.  I can only write from my viewpoint so I apologize in advance if I am sharing a story which includes you and leave out or include elements that may or may not agree with your memories of the situation.

I also need to give a very special shout out to two of my friends who are very important to me even though I have not had the opportunity to spend much one on one time with either one of them.  Both of them have been very influential in my life and don’t realize the important roles they have played.  They are both truly phenomenal women.  (For now I will just provide their first names and initials of last names.  Once I receive their approval to add their full names I will share their names.)

My most heartfelt thanks, appreciation and admiration goes out to Pam D. and Gracie S.  Both of these extraordinary women have provided me with motivation to write.  They both also share many qualities I find inspirational.  Among other things, both are honest, empathetic, strong, funny, family-oriented, encouraging, intelligent, and just down-home girls.  These are the type of women I hope Jimmie one day finds to share his life. They are salt-of-the-earth people with strong convictions.  They lead their lives in such a way that they have been inspirational and influential not only to their beautiful daughters but to me and I’m sure many others as well.  My hat is off to you two wonderful ladies.  Thank you for being you.  I’m sure your parents and your children are proud beyond belief of the women you became.

Okay everyone… here goes.  Feel free to follow this blog.  In fact, I encourage you to follow this blog.  If I know people are watching and waiting I may be more motivated to write.  Hold me accountable.

Just being me,

— Gwen