The Internet has added a whole new dimension to my emotions.  We all have those ‘friends’ we have met through other friends, many of whom the only knowledge we have or will ever have of them comes electronically through Facebook or some other Internet passageway.  Many of them we never actually get the chance to meet, or only meet in passing, but somehow they touch us in some way – sometimes just in a small way and sometimes in a huge way. 

I watch daily for posts from one such ‘friend’.  I noticed I hadn’t seen any posts from him recently and knew he had just been through a lengthy stay in the hospital battling pneumonia.  He had been hunkered down recouping so I thought he was getting some much needed rest.   Today I found out he has passed away. 

I never met him, never even had an exchange of words with him, but I admired his photography and his posts.  He seemed like the kind of person who would be one of my close friends had our paths ever actually crossed. 

So I leave you with this… Take a look around you, whether it’s at work, at home, at your kid’s soccer practice, at the local grocery store, on Facebook, or any where you go, there is someone out there who you may never have the chance to actually meet or engage in conversation, but somehow some way you may touch their soul or they may touch yours… if only for a moment.